Common baby car seat installation mistakes

This article is intended to avoid accidents and make baby transport safe and secure. The most common mistakes which can easily be avoided are written here and you can also add some tips and write it on the comments below.

  • Unsecured baby car seat installation

First of all, make sure that a car seat you purchase is a proper fit for your car. Some car seat are rear-facing and others are forward-facing. Make sure that you are installing it in the right direction. During installation you must always check the anchors and seat belts if they are properly hooked. The straps must be tight enough and locked into the right position. We want to make sure that all straps, belts and anchors are secured and tight. If you are not confident and unsure of the installation, do not drive with your baby and ask someone to check it for you. This person must have more experience and has a knowledge on installing car seats.  Better safe than sorry.

  • Wrong recline angle

It is very important to have the recline angle just right specially on a rear-facing seat. Babies have big, heavy heads but very weak neck muscles. Breathing is significantly affected if the seat is too upright because your baby’s chin may possibly be against the chest.  Reclined angle may decrease the force of impact in case there is an accident. It protects your baby’s spine by spreading the pressure exerted by the impact across their entire body.

  • Using a booster seat too soon

Some parents thought of using booster seats for their kids’ comfort for as young as 3 years old and some seats are advertised that they are already compatible for them. But according to studies this age bracket are not yet ideal for a booster seat. Here are the most important criteria to be considered when upgrading to a booster seat.

  1. Age: 4 or 5 years old
  2. Weight: 18 kilograms and up
  3. Position: can sit up straight – to keep the seat belt strap properly positioned across their chest

With these tips on mind, never forget to fully read the users manual and I repeat if you are unsure, always ask for someone to help you. Besides everybody knows that baby’s safety is always a priority.

Good day mommy and have a safe trip with baby!!

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