Diaper Bag With Essential Baby Items

What are the essential items needed to be packed in a diaper bag?

Hi mommy! Suppose you and your child are going for a walk. A diaper bag should be ready and packed with essential baby items. It’s very important to have a pleasant walk that you can enjoy together with your little bundle of joy. A diaper bag is your best buddy that you really want to bring all the time. Wherever you and your baby go, there will be circumstances which we can not prevent from happening such as sudden hunger, spills of milk, diaper change etc. However, with the essential baby items well organised on a diaper bag can save you all the hustle and bustle.

Check out our list of the essential baby items for your diaper bag. This is based on different opinions of experienced mothers.

1. Essentials:

  • Baby food and utensils. Know how many portions of feeding you must bring depending on how many hours you will be out. You don’t want your baby to hungry so figure it out how many feedings you’ll need to pack.
  • Clothes. Make sure you bring extra clothes because accidental milk spillage, vomiting or diaper leakage happens.
  • Toys. A toy with a strap is ideal to prevent you from picking them up every time they fall during a walk on the park. Choose the most entertaining toys for your baby and you are the only judge for that.
  • Pacifiers. Make this as clean as possible by storing it on a tidy pouch with some other items for feeding such as milk bottle, silicone spoon, nipples etc.

2. Hygiene:

  • Wet Wipes. This can be used for wiping your baby’s buttocks and also cleaning your hands. This item is very handy and multi-functional.
  • Baby cream. Place a small amount in a small tube to make more space to other items. You really don’t need a lot of this.
  • Changing pad. Bring a large pad to make more room for baby specially when in public, you can protect the surface you use to change baby’s diaper. A wider changing pad covers enough space which prevents unwanted splatter all over the place.
  • Diapers. One diaper is good for 2 to 3 hours you will be out of the house and a few more just to be sure you don’t go looking for a store to buy one.
  • Washcloths. Minimum of 4 but the more washcloth the better. This item is needed specially when baby vomits to protect their clothes.
  • Small plastic sacks. This is mainly used to dispose soiled diapers but you can also put other dirty items for instance a messy bib, pacifiers or a wet cloth.

3. For mommy:

  • Personal items. Don’t forget your wallet, mobile phone, keys and other personal belongings unless you want this items placed on your favourite purse. Practically speaking, just bring one bag and your good to go specially when you’re just going for a short walk.
  • Hand sanitiser. Bring a small tube or container to save space. Use this before and after feeding or changing diapers of your baby.

4. Safety and Protection:

  • First Aid Kit. Safety first! This is very important specially for toddlers who loves running around. They are prone to scratches and fall so just bring some disinfectant, band aids, gauze or cotton then you’ll be alright.
  • Hat and Blanket. Wether its warm or cold, sunny or cloudy, you’ll need this item that is appropriate for the weather.

You decide for yourself, do what you want and bring what you need with your child when you are not home. For new mothers, this will be your guide or checklist on choosing what products should you carry in a diaper bag.


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