Let’s keep our baby warm and comfy

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Importance of warmth for babies:

I.         Babies can’t regulate their body temperature as effectively as kids and adults.  They don’t have much insulating body fat. A windproof fabric clothing is one way to block the cold wind from entering baby’s uninsulated body. Make sure that the inner layer of their clothes is decked with thick fleece which gives more warmth for them.

II.       Warmth helps babies stay healthy by boosting immune system. Baby can avoid catching colds by maintaining a suitable body temperature specially during weather changes. From autumn to winter, weather gets colder and experts suggests that keeping the baby’s back warm to prevent colds and other diseases.

III.     Babies can’t build up energy reserves if they’re using too much energy to stay warm. If babies feel comfortable and safe they avoid one reason to cry or become upset thus helping them to conserve energy.

Mommy Let’s keep them warm and Click on this link below to check out some ideas on how to make them comfy and cold free.>>> Warm Baby Carrier Cover & Jumpsuits

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